Memories Matter

This was one of the first images I framed for my own personal collection. Clearly the subject matter is very dear to me, as dear as your memories are to you to no doubt. We live in an age of technology and too many images are stored electronically. This means they rarely get to see the light of day which is a real pity. My advice to you dear reader?

Get them printed and hung on those walls. Pop them up so every day you can walk past and smile. Remember, reminisce and be happy. We are living through strange, challenging times and focus is firmly on the home and those nearest and dearest to us. There is, in my opinion, no better time than now to surround yourself with happy times.

I live with a Photographer and she is forever saying; “I must get these printed” life gets in the way sometimes, but as a generation of ‘time poor’ people, some of us have a little more of that on our hands lately. In fact, she’s just handed me some instax prints from her trip to Paris last year, followed by ‘whatever you think dear….’ at least it’s raining outside. Wish me luck!

Stay safe, Jason.

Credit Louise Manning Photography.

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