Off the shelf or handmade?

Moulding selection

I’ve been guilty of grabbing a frame off the shelf before. More often than not sifting through for the one that looks the ‘best’ .

Quite often it’s the best of a bad bunch when I looked closer at the joins/corners.

Yes it’s cheaper and it does the job, but here’s the thing. Some precious items deserve so much more than just ‘doing the job right?

For example did you know that the backing to your frame can affect your image if it gets damp? There are types of glass that protect your memories from UV light, preserving your images. You won’t get this level of protection from mass produced items, and you certainly won’t get the high end finish.

So when you discuss your framing requirements with me, I’ll be able to advise you how to best protect your item for the long run. So it stands the test of time.

I’m lucky to have a great supplier locally and the choice of colours is huge, I’ll hand select the mount, backboard, mouldings, glass and fixings personally.

Then it’s to the workbench to bring it all together. Handmade, bespoke framing that takes time and attention to detail, made to last. That’s the difference. After all, you get what you pay for!

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