Picture Postcard

The Kiss in Front of City Hall – Robert Doisneau – Paris 1950

Some images resonate with us. We may not know immediately why, but we find ourselves drawn to particular visual media. That may be prints, photographs, artwork, canvas, the list goes on. You can frame almost anything, there is even a new craze of framing one’s wedding dress……..but I don’t have one of those.

Postcards. Remember those? Sending messages home to those people in your thoughts. Perhaps a Grandparent or a child. Can you remember the last time you sent a postcard? One landing on the doormat was capable of bringing a huge smile to it’s lucky recipient.

The picture shown below was a postcard collected on trip to Paris last year. It most likely cost no more than a pound. It’s achieved huge popularity and has become an real icon of Paris par excellence. It is a gripping metaphor of the sense of post-war life. Maybe it’s not too dissimilar to the current pandemic taking over our lives. Or just a simple symbol of hope and a return to the old life we all miss so much.

This image has always been a firm favourite for it’s collector. The fact that the image was actually found to be staged and not spontaneous street photography hasn’t dulled it’s sparkle. Robert Doisneau has captured an image that has become a firm favourite and has sold over two and a half million copies.

The postcard has sat on a shelf for over a year………..and I’m pleased to say it’s finally been framed and has pride of place. The negative space and square frame really showcase this iconic image. Made all the better by being collected on a trip when there was no pandemic and life was somehow less complicated.

Perhaps this couple who were genuinely kissing might like a frame? Snapped on the same day the Postcard was picked up and an elderly couple were spotted dancing in each others arms next to the Seine.

Credit: Louise.documentary – Paris 2019

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