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Future Proofing.

With the recent changes to the standards of mount-boards that compliment your memories, display your prints, photos at home, at an exhibition or just to give the most appropriate level of protection. It may become an overwhelming and complicated choice to make.  An experienced framer with knowledge of these reviews will be able to offer … Continue reading Future Proofing.

Picture Postcard

Some images resonate with us. We may not know immediately why, but we find ourselves drawn to particular visual media. That may be prints, photographs, artwork, canvas, the list goes on. You can frame almost anything, there is even a new craze of framing one’s wedding dress……..but I don’t have one of those. Postcards. Remember … Continue reading Picture Postcard

Off the shelf or handmade?

I’ve been guilty of grabbing a frame off the shelf before. More often than not sifting through for the one that looks the ‘best’ . Quite often it’s the best of a bad bunch when I looked closer at the joins/corners. Yes it’s cheaper and it does the job, but here’s the thing. Some precious … Continue reading Off the shelf or handmade?

Twiggy heads home

I didn’t ever expect to have Twiggy in my care, and I’m actually quite sad to see her leave. This was an awesome piece painted by an Art Student that was picked up by a Client. It’s a stunning piece and it really shines with a clean contemporary frame. The colours are beautiful, and her … Continue reading Twiggy heads home

Memories Matter

This was one of the first images I framed for my own personal collection. Clearly the subject matter is very dear to me, as dear as your memories are to you to no doubt. We live in an age of technology and too many images are stored electronically. This means they rarely get to see … Continue reading Memories Matter

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